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Bacardi Carta Fuego


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Bacardi Carta Fuego

is the first ever Aged Red Spiced Rum and is bold and spicy yet smooth, with tropical flavours and a hint of smokiness. Fuego – meaning fire in Spanish – is aged for a minimum of a year in torched oak barrels, then blended and filtered through charcoal, before being mixed with a secret blend of natural flavours and spices. Bacardi suggests serving the Carta Fuego as a shot mixed with Tabasco – ideal! We love it like that, but it’s also good neat over ice, or top it up with cola if you’re thirsty. Ensuring each sip is smooth, the Carte Fuego starts with a blast of heat when it first passes your lips, followed by a kick of flavour with the cinnamon and nutmeg and then finally the silky smoothness as it goes down.
Thankfully Bacardi has 153 years of craft and experience and it is apparent when you enjoy your first taste of the new Bacardi Carta Fuego spiced rum; you taste just that.

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