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Blackwater No 5 London Gin


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Blackwater No 5 London Gin

was designed from top to bottom using only the botanicals imported into Ireland by White’s of Waterford during the 19th century. In the dusty archives were found a treasure trove of botanicals once popular, but now overlooked. Blackwater Distillery distilled each and every one of these spices; some weren’t so great but two were spectacular and they lie at the heart of Blackwater No 5 London Gin.

And that’s why an 1844 map of the Blackwater River can be seen on each and every bottle of this gin.

Blackwater No 5 London Gin is a superb London Dry style gin which is made at the Blackwater Distillery in West Waterford. Each batch is carefully made in small amounts from pure spirit, soft local water and fresh botanicals. This makes an outstanding G&T but also has enough flavour to go into traditional gin based cocktails.

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