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Caballo Loco No 16


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Caballo Loco No 16 wine

does not have a vintage, it carries a release number. Each edition has a number that identifies among its ancestors and successors and is unique, containing 50% of the previous edition and 50% of the current vintage. The first high-end wine Viña Valdivieso and one of the pioneers of Chile. Born in 1994, when under the executive direction of Jorge Coderch, the proposed development of a single wine acquires body, soul and a name that distinguishes it in the world. For years they were stored in oak barrels and aged reserved, the result – a world class wine. Elegant and sophisticated, generous and extraordinarily complex flavors and aromas time, this wine its essence remains intact over time. From this release, Carmenere from Apalta becomes an important part of the blend. This is reflected in Caballo Loco No 16 achieving a richness and lush character previously not seen.

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