Domaine Sathenay Crème de Cassis


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Domaine Sathenay Crème de Cassis

is an exceptional Crème de Cassis, made in Nuits Saint Georges, in the very heart of the Burgundy. This premium liqueur is produced according to a unique recipe, with 100% natural premium ingredients. Its exceptional flavour and its great elegance comes from a very high concentration of “Noir de Bourgogne”, which is the best variety of blackcurrant, which are locally grown. The unique freshness of the fruit aromas is maintained due to the close proximity of the orchards, allowing just a short time between harvest and maturation in the spirit, protecting the fruit from any oxidation. The only other addition is dry sugar. The result is an exceptional aromatic concentration, a wonderful unctuousness and a perfect balance displaying the fresh natural acidity of the Noir de Bourgogne.

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