Galway Bay Stormy Port Irish Porter


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Galway Bay Stormy Port Irish Porter

is a rich and complex beer and boasts roasted coffee notes and hides certain sweetness and chocolate flavours in the background. Galway Bay Stormy Port Irish Porter is most at home with rich stews, roast meat dishes and can find its place alongside dessert dishes.

Over the last few years, the craft beer industry in Ireland has gone from strength to strength, with approximately 14 microbreweries operating in Ireland today. Beer connoisseurs from across the country seek out brew pubs in favour of the mainstream bars. The process of brewing is age-old and greatly appreciated by fans as each brew is lovingly created through a hands-on, complex brewing process. The result is that no two brews are the same while the beer is in development and the unveiling of a new craft brew is cause for celebration among the craft beer community.

At Galway Bay Brewery, creativity has led to a core lineup of beers ranging from a hoppy Pale Ale and a highly drinkable Milk Stout to a fruity Double IPA—not exactly a style you’d expect to come by in western Ireland.

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