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Grey Goose Vodka


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Grey Goose Vodka

is created in the celebrated Cognac region of Western France, and uses the finest French wheat, natural spring water filtered through champagne limestone and a five step distillation process to create this premium French Vodka. Best served in a Vodka Martini.
The wheat used in the creation of Grey Goose vodka is grown in Picardy, France. Distilled in the same region, north and east of Paris, the distillate is then sent to Cognac, France, where it is blended with spring water and bottled. The wheat used in Grey Goose is soft winter wheat, sown in October and harvested in August, which provides it with four additional months of growth in comparison to summer wheat. The wheat sold to Grey Goose is categorized as “superior bread-making wheat”, and wheat that is soft as opposed to hard.
Some have claimed that Grey Goose Vodka does not create excess heat on the palate while being consumed, creating a smoothness in flavor.

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