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Hendricks Gin Enchanters Gift Box Set


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Hendricks Gin Enchanters Gift Box Set

includes a 70cl bottle of the delightfully unusual Hendrick’s gin, mini cocktail book and a double-sized copper effect measuring jigger. Hendrick’s cucumber & rose-influenced gin complete with a double-sized jigger for measuring just the right amount of gin.

Distilled in Scotland, Hendrick’s gin uses an infusion of cucumber and rose petals to produce a wonderfully refreshing, floral flavour. The Enchanter’s gift pack allows you to perfectly measure the amount of this unique spirit – the only question is, one shot or two?

Hendricks Gin Enchanters Gift Box Set is made by William Grants and sons, it is only produced in small batches which normally means below 1,000litres, but Hendricks only distils 450 litres of gin meaning that it has greater control over production. The botanicals used in production consist of flowers, roots, fruits and seed from all over the world. The botanicals are distilled in two different stills, the Bennet still and the carter head still. They then marry the spirits from both stills together to create Hendricks gin. No other gin has the taste like Hendricks because they are not made like Hendricks. They infuse their gin with the remarkable Bulgarian Rosa Damascena and specially selected cucumbers.

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