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Level One Vodka


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Level One Vodka

is Absolut’s ultra premium vodka, it was launched in 2004 and is made from winter wheat. It is incredibly smooth, and was launched as a direct competitor to France’s popular Grey Goose. Level One Vodka is Absolut’s first premium vodka receiving roaring reviews the world over. Level One Vodka is achieved by a proprietary combination of continuous and batch distillation to form a perfect balance of smoothness and character.

Wine Enthusiast: “The aroma is bittersweet, concentrated, oily/fatty and kernel-like in the first inhalations; exposure to air sees the bean/oil/fat qualities blow off, leaving behind a totally dry, clean fragrance of dry cereal. Palate entry is rich and grainy sweet; at midpalate, the taste is enhanced by an oily, viscous texture. Flavor intensity fades in the finish. A superb unflavored vodka that’s going to turn lots of heads.”

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