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Saint-Vivant Armagnac


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Saint-Vivant Armagnac

is a smooth, high quality brandy. Made in France, Saint-Vivant Armagnac has a full flavour and a rich tradition that dates back to 1559 when Saint-Vivant de la Salle produced the first bottle of Armagnac Brandy. The famous “crooked bottle” recalls the original bottles used by Saint-Vivant. Today, Saint-Vivant still uses select white wine grapes, native to the southwestern French region of Gascony. These grapes are fermented and distilled in a traditional copper pot still. The resulting spirits are aged in oak casks until they are transformed into a full-flavored 80 proof brandy. The Saint-Vivant cellar master then begins his delicate task of blending the brandy until he achieves the Sain-Vivant Armagnac’s smooth, consistent flavor and golden amber colour.

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