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Svyturys Baltas White Beer


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Svyturys Baltas White Beer

is an unfiltered wheat beer with a truly distinctive taste. Svyturys Baltas White Beer (5%) is a wheat Hefeweizen beer, member of the traditional Švyturys collection. It is defined by a refreshing taste and flavour that resembles a bouquet of cloves, bananas, plums, orange peel and exotic fruit. This non-filtered, cloudy beer with its peculiar taste and exceptional flavour should be served with a slice of lemon in a special pre-chilled glass. A wheat beer glass quite sharply flared at the top to look a bit like an hourglass, designed so as to perfectly reveal the flavour of this exclusive beer. Beer White perfectly complements fish, seafood, soft cheese, and light fruit desserts. Svyturys Baltas White Beer is the first beer from Švyturys “traditional collection”. This collection is meant to introduce Lithuanian beer fans to new kinds of beer.

To get the most out of your Svyturys Baltas White Beer it is necessary to shake the bottle before opening it and to drink it from specially cooled glasses. To make it extra delicate you can add a slice of fresh lemon.

In spring 1999, the controlling stock in the company was acquired by the Danish Carlsberg A/S, a major beer producer around the world. Considering the achievements of the Lithuanian company, the Danish investor made no changes to the operations and beer of Švyturys. Carlsberg shared its many years of experience, renovated the company, boosted its output and provided training for its employees. In December 2001, the most highly reputed breweries of Švyturys and Utenos Alus were merged to become Švyturys-Utenos Alus AB, a company that in February 2003 was reorganised to become Švyturys-Utenos Alus UAB.

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