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Svyturys Ekstra Premium Lager Beer


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Svyturys Ekstra Premium Lager Beer

is a Lithuanian Lager of real quality, fresh, crisp and with a real roundness. Ekstra is a beer with a liquid golden colour that is topped by a thick, snowy-white foam. It is made from barley malt, rice, bitter and spicy hops, brewer’s yeast and fresh water. The beer has been widely acclaimed thanks to the intensity and lightness of its well-balanced taste, with just a slight tinge of the bitterness of hops. From day one, Svyturys Ekstra Premium Lager Beer became and still is the most popular beer on tap in restaurants and bars across Lithuania as it is delivered to bars as non-pasteurised, live beer.

In spring 1999, the controlling stock in the company was acquired by the Danish Carlsberg A/S, a major beer producer around the world. Considering the achievements of the Lithuanian company, the Danish investor made no changes to the operations and beer of Švyturys. Carlsberg shared its many years of experience, renovated the company, boosted its output and provided training for its employees. In December 2001, the most highly reputed breweries of Švyturys and Utenos Alus were merged to become Švyturys-Utenos Alus AB, a company that in February 2003 was reorganised to become Švyturys-Utenos Alus UAB.

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