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Teeling Revival 15 Year Irish Whiskey Muscat Barrels


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Teeling Revival 15 Year Irish Whiskey Muscat Barrels

is a superb release in the hugely popular Revival series from Teeling, and winner of the top accolade at the 2017 Irish Whiskey Awards. This has been finished in muscat wine barrels for a final period of 12 months and has been aged for a total of 15 years. It has a gloriously fruity flavour with great balance, smoothness and a luscious mouthfeel. Limited to just 10,000 bottles.

The Nose is like walking into a sweet shop (candy store). It is fresh and fruity with vibrant estery aromas of pear drops, pineapple chunks, candied citrus peel, fresh apricots, lemon drops and vanilla. There are even some aromas of fresh muscat grapes!
The Palateis soft and medium bodied with a very smooth delivery and no harsh alcohol burn. Flavours of lemon cake, citrus peel, orange oil, lychee, crystalised stem ginger and vanilla.
Finally the Finish is sweet, soft and fruity.

Dublin has traditionally been the heart of the Irish whiskey industry. During Walter Teeling’s time there were over 37 different distilleries in Dublin. The Liberties area of Dublin in particular was recognised as the epicentre for Dublin whiskey and was dubbed the ‘Golden Triangle’ due to the number of distilleries clustered in a one mile radius. During the 19th century Dublin whiskey became globally recognised as the Premier whiskey in the world.

Renowned for its “smooth” and unique “character” it sold at a premium to all other types of whiskey. As a result of this success some of the largest distilleries in the world emerged from these small craft Dublin distillers. Unfortunately as Irish whiskey fell on hard times so did distilling in Dublin and the last still ran cold in 1976 until now.

Irish Whiskey of the Year – 2017 Irish Whiskey Awards

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