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Bushmills 1608


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Bushmills 1608

was released as a special edition as part of the distillery’s 400th anniversary celebrations. The original licence to distill in the area of Bushmills apparently dates back to 1608 and this was originally released in 2008. The unusual thing about this bottling is the use of crystal malt in the grain bill. Crystal malt is traditionally used by brewers to add body and colour to their beers. When used at Bushmills it resulted in Bushmills 1608 being a fuller flavoured spirit that takes on some jammy and caramelised flavours once matured.
Nose: Rich, warm. Plenty of floral, sherried notes. Slightly earthy, berry fruits, vanilla and a hint of smoke.
Palate: Full, round palate with marzipan, peels, sherry, thickness.
Finish: Long and fruity, becomes slightly dry.
Overall: A superb Irish blend, lovely balance.

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