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Lockes 8 Single Malt Pure Pot Still


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Lockes 8 Single Malt Pure Pot Still Whiskey

was the pioneer brand for Cooley as it was the first brand launched in 1992. On the 17th of July that year the first mature cask of Locke’s Single Malt was tapped by the Grand-daughter of the last John Locke. The initial bottling was a limited edition of 5,000 individually numbered bottles presented in a wooden box. In 1998 the brand was officially launched and went on general release to complete Cooley’s malt range. This fine whiskey is distilled in Cooley in traditional pot stills and uses only the finest malted barley and the purest Irish spring water. Lockes 8 Single Malt Pure Pot Still Whiskey has a distinctive character and flavour, fully developed through gentle maturation in oak casks held in the 200 year old warehouses in Kilbeggan in heart of Ireland. Tasting notes of Jim Murray, renowned Whiskey Commentator – Nose: Full flavoured nose bulging with big fruit-barley character. Oaky traces from the oldest of Cooley’s malts. Taste: The barley is big and succulent. There is a copper-tanginess followed by a dry fruity flavour. Finish: The malt is nothing short of enormous & with a tanginess character. The minimum 8 year old oak passes leaving a vanilla essence and peaty finish.

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