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Midleton Very Rare Whiskey 1984


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Midleton Very Rare Whiskey 1984

is a rare and hard to find bottle of Midleton.This is bottle no 7708. 1984 was the year in which this range of premium whiskeys was launched making this a very collectible bottle created by the then Master Distiller Barry Crockett, this iconic brand was used to showcase the quality of whiskey that was being produced in the new Midleton distillery (which had only opened nine years previously in 1975). This showcase piece has been released annually ever since.

Midleton Very Rare is a bottling of hand selected whiskeys from the Midleton warehouses that is only bottled in small amounts once or twice a year. Midleton distillery is the centralised distillery for Irish Distillers, whom produce Jameson, Paddy, Powers and the single pot still ranges such as Redbreast and Green/Yellow Spot.

The whiskeys chosen are a blend of mature pot still and grain whiskey that have been matured in ex-bourbon barrels. This produces a whiskey with a base of a rich, creamy pot still character with hints of honey, citrus and a lingering peppery finish.

That said, no two years are exactly alike. The Midleton Very Rare range is not blended like other whiskeys to create continuity in the whiskey. In fact the handcrafted nature of the whiskey creates a unique offering that has subtle but recognisable differences between the years. This allows enthusiasts and collectors to enjoy the variances year on year and create a new experience every time you sample another year.

To guarantee the quality in this unique whiskey the master distiller applies his signature to every bottle. From 1984 until 2013 the bottles bore the name of the Master Distiller emeritus Barry Crockett. From 2014 onwards the bottles bare the name of the Master Distiller Brian Nation.

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